Voting for View Protection



I strongly recommend that each and everyone of us take advantage of all public meetings and ask the candidates point blank what they are going to do to help families whose property insurance policies have been cancelled and help protect the value of our property.

The fact that the city has done little to help homeowners who are at the mercy of neighbors who do not trim their trees or vegetation – or get rid of dead or diseased vegetation is very frustrating. It is bad enough the homes have lost “value” because of acts on Wall Street, but we loose value when trees and vegetation block views and vistas that are recognized as a significant factor in the price of home. To add to the pain, now we can lose insurance policies as well.

Many of us have tried over the years to get the attention of city leaders since they failed to enacted a viable view ordinance such as those in other cities that have been proven to stand up in court.  The weak tree preservation ordinance has resulted in bitter homeowners, divided neighborhoods, wrangling in City Hall.  The three issues I have pointed out can be resolved quite easily if the city takes a progressive, proactive, and practical approach to the main issues of our city, views, safety and value.

I urge you to ask each candidate. If they don’t give you a good answer that you know you can count on if they get into office, then don’t vote for any of them. Wouldn’t it be funny if each of the candidates get no votes this time and at the next election.  Surely this is one way to get their attention.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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