War-Plane Noise Survivor Dismisses the Fuss


The complaints about the airlines flying over Laguna are incorrect in one area.

They are not at 7,000 feet altitude. They are at 14,000 feet as they pass over Laguna eastbound.

We who were living here in Laguna through WWII and Korea and Vietnam were to hear all types of

airplanes flying over Laguna at various low altitudes without complaining about the sound of their engines.

We lived with it without a murmur. We also lived through the shelling of San Clemente Island.

We suffered no adverse effects whatsoever.  We are all just fine.


Robin D. Williams, Laguna Beach

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  1. Rick

    Growing up I lived up in the old TOW. In the late 60’s the fighter jets would fly over between TOW and Countrymans (now Moulton Meadows). They were so low on foggy days you could see the pilots faces.

  2. Les Miklosy

    I fail to understand how someone living on Laguna Canyon Road can be bothered by commercial aircraft flying at 14,000 feet when canyon automobile traffic must be 200 feet from their front door. Rick is correct, during the 60’s TOW residents could watch F4 Phantom jets fly by in pairs from Miramar to El Toro at eye level. They were LOUD and nothing since compares in intensity.

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