We Should Look at Ourselves

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“Thou turn’st mine eyes into my very soul,

And there I see such black and grainèd spots

As will not leave their tinct.” Hamlet, Act III, Scene 4


I find the vituperation against the ACLU astonishing. This is the organization upon which we  — all us liberals — have depended for decades to fight the good fight, and it has led on First and Fourteenth Amendment issues as long as I can remember, often the only source of help to people we have admired for doing exactly what has criminalized them in the eyes of a lazy and backward government.

I cannot remember a case, and bet you can’t either, in which I have not either supported the ACLU’s action or, at the least, understood the First Amendment reasoning by which they reached their position.

Now, however, when they have focused their spotlight upon us, instead of thinking that they may have a point, that maybe we need to re-examine our actions, we respond exactly as to the rednecks of the south when someone has the nerve to accuse them of racism.

We should be ashamed or our reaction – especially by the many Lagunans who have not actually read the complaint, just for its factual stories, or asked people who know whether it is really like that. All the people I have asked say it is.

Before spewing more angst, we need to look at ourselves.


Gene Gratz, Laguna Beach


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  1. Mr. Gratz, you ought to be ashamed when you look at yourself. Your comment about “rednecks” has no place here, or in this newspaper. I suppose although you consider yourself a good liberal, disparaging people because of their race (white) or religion (Protestant) or economic status (working class) is ok with you, it’s not, and your bigotry has no place here.

  2. Boot on the other foot , calling one particular group or profiling ethnicities as racist is not a favorable comment.


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