Web of Rules Should Catch Unreasonable Plans



Jacques Balzac wrote, “Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.”  Since opening as “as a family steakhouse” almost a decade ago, Mozambique has pushed the envelope at every turn when it comes to city code compliance.  Once viewed as a pesky fly, Woods Cove residents have watched incredulously as Mozambique has mutated and become “super-sized.”

As witnessed by its latest request to expand its operation by almost 2,000 square feet and construct 16 grey steel car lifts at the restaurant entrance, Mozambique’s rapacious cravings for expansion appear insatiable.

This fly has grown out-of-control, and it’s not in the community interest to continue to feed it. Municipal ordinances and codes exist as the web to filter unreasonable proposals and, in so doing, serve the public good.

Randy Lewis, Laguna Beach.

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