Weigh Each Candidates’ Qualifications and Character



Pandering to the public seems to be the way of council candidates, but only because we (the public) seem to demand meaningless platitudes from candidates. For example, when recently asked about public arts, everyone seemed to link arms and, in one form or another, assured us that they were all for it offering little substantive information that was realistic or practical.

Seven candidates with only three who actually have a track record giving some indication of how much homework each has done and their view of city issues.  One thing for sure, the three (Rob, Toni, and Kelly) understand the ironclad “Rule of Three” on a five member voting body. We have all witnessed the power block in the past when the big three (Pearson, Dicterow, and Whalen) almost ran us into the ground with their pipedream for a $65 million parking garage.  Take notice, once three council members line up and sing kumbaya, it really doesn’t matter what the other two members do, think, or say.

Of the four untested candidates, none seem to have given much consideration to the urban planning process underway.  If done properly with public participation, this plan will (or should) integrate residential, business, and artist communities into a comprehensive plan that will guide the council for many years into the future.  So far, each of the four has shown little, if any, understanding of this process beyond wanting to spend money from the public trough.

Looking at how the untested four stand out, consider a promise that He’ll keep his eyes, his ears, and his mind open . . . and when needed, his mouth too! He’ll speak up and for the people of our town.”  Another candidate states that “My goal is to introduce innovative ideas that will enhance and grow Laguna into the future.” Oh good, just don’t forget the other four opinions on the council.   And of course, who could forget Eli Grossman calling for contracting for police services with the Orange County sheriff.  Yikes, think he would get three votes for that brainless idea?

We may not agree with everything that Rob, Toni, and Kelly has done, but at least their record stands for all to evaluate without their exaggerating past accomplishments (or being a blowhard about their past).  More importantly, they understand the Rule of Three when it comes to getting things done on a five person voting body.  Vote wisely! Weigh each candidate’s qualifications, morals, ethics, and values.

Victor Opincar, 
Laguna Beach


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