Who’s Kidding Who?



The Laguna Beach City Council is generations out of touch with much of new Laguna. Bruce Hopping may be in his early 90s but he is right when he says education in relation to drinking and “pot” is better than more laws (“Teen Drinking Law Takes a Summer Hiatus,” June 22).

The young people who spoke against another “Laguna Beach No Law” were eloquent compared to the adults in favor of the ordinance. Does the city council really think that many parents hide their drinking and smoking of marijuana from their children? Get real! Parents don’t necessarily let their children drink and smoke, but to say both don’t happen at adult parties, get-togethers and other times is absurd.

The social host ordinance will simply mean the young people will hide the drinking, tone down parties and avoid at all costs calling Police Chief Workman and his 47 officers for any reason.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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