Why Not a Vote?



I’ve been reading the letters-to-the-editor some for and many against the village entrance project.  I’m wondering who the project will really benefit most? Surely not the residents.

By choosing to finance the majority of the cost of the $55 million plus interest with a revenue bond, the City Council is able to bypass the citizens’ approval.  Revenue bonds do not have to go to a vote of the people. However, the project could be put to a vote. With so much controversy about this village entrance project, why doesn’t the council put it to a vote? If all the creative financing they have concocted for this project fails, we the citizens of Laguna Beach will have to make good on the debt.

Why not let us vote or does the majority of the City Council believe they know what’s best for us and we should just accept their decision?

A financial commitment of this magnitude will crowd out other needed and desired projects or at least significantly delay them. Perhaps voters do not believe as the majority of the council does that the village entrance project deserves the highest priority.

Let the people vote.


Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach

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