Will Democrats Split their Vote Again?

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I was disenchanted and surprised to read the quotes by Michael McLaughlin, who released statements about the pre-endorsement delegates to the media, in regard to a memo sent by Dr. Hans Keirstead.

Yes, there is still a race to determine who will be the Democratic congressman for the 48th. But Mr. McLaughlin’s assessment is not accurate, since it is slanted, and intentionally tries to undermine the integrity and gravitas of the pre endorsement vote. Hans Keirstead won this vote by a margin of 67%. I am quite certain his views differ from Mr. McLaughlin’s.

A “pre endorsement meeting of about 83 people meeting in a gymnasium…” This vote “has nothing to do with anything that happens at the convention…”

I was one of the pre-endorsement delegates. The language used by Mr. McLaughlin demeans the significance of my role, and is dismissive at best, to other citizens who take on political responsibilities.

I was selected to be a pre endorsement delegate by the Laguna Beach Democratic Club. All general members were asked to participate.

I attended many forums to hear the candidates debate and sat through many presentations.

I know for a fact that every candidate running for the 48th was determined to win this pre endorsement made by “about 83 people meeting in a gymnasium.” I personally received many emails and phone calls by many candidates soliciting my vote. If my vote were of no consequence…why? Why was I asked to participate in something meaningless?

If in fact this vote “has nothing to do with anything that happens at the convention,” as articulated by Michael McLaughlin, why would Mr. Rouda and other candidates be so anxious to win the pre endorsement delegates’ votes?

“Falsely claiming Democratic Party recommendation,” as written by Mr. Rouda’s campaign, is equally circuitous.

What Mr. Keirstead did win, undeniably, and truthfully…was 67% of the pre endorsement votes. Democrats. Who did recommend that Mr. Keirstead be recommended by the Democratic Party.

Dr. Keirstead won by two-thirds of the pre endorsement votes…a clear majority. Mr. McLaughlin’s attempt to demean and undermine Dr. Keirstead’s character¬†and campaign seem to be an early example of what all Democrats fear… splitting the vote and opening the door to the Republican party.


Jahn M. Levitt, Laguna Beach



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