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 Savoring Laguna


Susan Velasquez

My experiences lately have brought home how privileged I feel to be a part of life in Laguna.

    It started with an invitation from a special friend to watch the woman’s soccer finals. Some of my favorite women in town showed up and besides the excitement generated from the game, we had time to leisurely visit with each other on a more personal level. It is so satisfying to be with a group of women who contribute so much to Laguna and to have the luxury of relaxed social time without any agenda other than enjoying each other’s company.

    A few months ago, I wrote about the Early Intervention Program sponsored by the Laguna Beach Assistance League. I titled it “The Rock-a-bye Ladies” because one aspect of the program is rocking the infants while their parents receive help from the therapists. I was so taken by the dedication of the women I met that I decided to get involved.

    As often as my schedule allows, you can find me happily sitting in a circle of rocking chairs for an hour or so on Wednesday mornings with a baby snuggled in my arms, visiting with the other volunteers who participate in this incredible program.

    My friend Peter invited me to check out the festivals with him. We walked down to Coast Highway, caught the trolley heading downtown, and got fully involved in being tourists for a few hours.

    I visited with a little girl who was about 6 while we waited for the trolley home. She was with her dad and had just finished making a clay pot at the Sawdust Festival. She had some of the white clay displayed proudly on each cheek, a sparkling heart tattoo placed prominently on her upper left arm, and dancing eyes filled with pure pleasure. They were on their way to have lunch in North Laguna at the Mandarin King, their new favorite restaurant.

    Last week, Thursday evening, there was a special event hosted by the VFW Laguna Beach Post 5868. It was a tribute to Harry Lawrence who is known as “Mr. Laguna” because of his outstanding leadership and awe-inspiring achievements in public service to Laguna. He is a World War II veteran who rose to lieutenant commander and captained his own ship by the war’s end.

    This VFW post has been serving veterans and their families and our community for over 65 years. Men and women from both the VFW and the American Legion, who have contributed so much to our town for so many years, were in attendance to honor Harry and all veterans who are continuing the tradition of selfless service in the military.

    It was held at the Woman’s Club and once more, it was a one-of-a-kind, priceless opportunity to experience the richness of our city. We had a wonderful dinner that was prepared by Zahide Lawrence and her staff. It was a full course Turkish menu and I can still bring to mind the tastes of so many delicacies that I have never had the opportunity to experience.

    A few weeks back, I addressed the importance of having a balance between responsibilities and privileges. Too many responsibilities without the acknowledgment and appreciation of the privileges you have can create a ‘life is hard and then you die’ mental rigidity that takes the sparkle from your eyes and leaves you feeling parched and dried up, instead of engaged and in love with your life.

    Some say that working hard and playing hard are the keys to a fulfilling life. I know that when I approach anything I do, whether it is work or leisure, with a too tight hold on the outcomes, it leaves me devoid of the ability to truly enjoy the nuances, the subtle surprises, that life so generously offers. 

    There are many opportunities that can bring you simple pleasures that come from letting your curiosity entice you to get involved. This is a rich community that offers an abundance of experiences that can easily enrich your life.


Susan offers local workshops on the Dynamics of Intuition and is the author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Learn more at http://www.susanvelasquez.com, http://www.beyondintellect  or (949) 494-7773.



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