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Upgrade Your Attitude

By Susan McNeal Velasquez


Harmony. Gratitude. Praise. These three attitudes hold the key to transforming the way you are presently experiencing your life. They are the closest things to Aladdin’s lamp with the genie and his three wishes.

Embrace these three attributes and it could be one of the most pragmatic moves you make to successfully transform your present reality.

When we invite harmony into our lives, we open the door to cooperation, caring, mutual understanding, collaboration, community and a deeper connection with others and ourselves. When we set our sights on noticing similarities rather than differences, we embrace the opportunity to create harmony and simultaneously, we move away from isolation, anxiety and the fear that other’s are out to take what is ours. Harmony is attitude adjustment number one.

Next is gratitude. In order to be grateful for something, we must first assign value to it. If we don’t value it, we won’t be grateful for it. Here is the intriguing part. When we begin to evaluate our lives through great filled eyes, we immediately see a life filled with value, here and now. It is easy to get caught up in striving for more, bigger and better. However, we can lose sight of our connection with the valuable people, valuable experiences and valuable possessions that we already have. When we activate an attitude of gratitude, we open the door and invite the experience of increased satisfaction into our lives. Gratitude is attitude adjustment number two

The third magic-maker is praise. Praise is the mother of beauty. Think about it. Would you praise and compliment something that you think is ugly?

By adopting an attitude of praise and validation, we begin to look for, seek out and see beauty everywhere. This applies to you, as well as others. With as much body-beautiful hype and false standards of perfection in our society, this may seem particularly difficult, but I didn’t promise you easy did I?

If you want more beauty, figure out how to see more beauty. Beauty arrives through self-acceptance and acceptance of others. When we court beauty, we activate our curiosity, kindness, exuberance, spontaneity and love. All of these attributes come to the foreground as we lighten up and let go of our harsh judgments. Praise is attitude adjustment number three.

Use the power inherent in harmony, gratitude and praise to break free of habitual and limiting habits that keep us stuck in repetitive, inflexible ways of seeing our world. All that is required is an intentional flip of the attitude switch.


Susan is a local author of “Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind.” Reach her at www.susanvelasquez.com.

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