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An Elegant Mind

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

Since the holiday season is upon us, the demands on your time and energy will most likely increase. Since you have no control over the season in general, we might as well take a few moments to do a reality check on your current state of mind to give you the best chance to keep your sanity and bump up your intention to have a good time.

Have you managed to fashion a life that is at least 80 percent pleasing to you? Do you have a passion or a purpose that keeps you challenged and engaged in pursuits that are meaningful to you? Do you have friends and family who you are on good terms with, so that you are provided with a continuity and connection with others?

Do you have a sense of well-being and an awareness of your basic goodness and the basic goodness of your life? Are you doing the best you can, given what life is currently asking of you?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you have cause to be profoundly happy with the elegance of your life.

If you are spending significant time second-guessing, criticizing, and invalidating your current life situations, you may be needlessly victimizing yourself because of old mental habits that need an overhaul.

Do you hold the belief that showing feelings of hurt, disappointment, fear, anger or upset is a sign of a flawed or weak character? When feelings are labeled as negative, threatening, and too messy to handle, these emotions become repressed. They burrow underground and birth new troubles. In the game of life, what you resist persists.

Cliché’s abound that leave the impression that the way to success and happiness is to strive for perfection and never let up until you reach it.

Demanding perfection from ourselves and others is a formula for disaster. It leads to judgmental, brittle, and harsh thoughts that split us off from our nurturing and healing intuitive wisdom and guidance. We generate a constant state of emotional upheaval because we, or they, are never perfect enough.

When we carry an invisible yardstick weighing the rightness or wrongness of our actions and choices, we limit our chances for inner happiness and well-being.

We become the creator of our own unhappiness because our mind is tethered to an immature and unworkable notion of what qualifies as a successful life.

Perhaps it is time to breathe in a healthy dose of gratitude for the life you have and then breathe out and let go of any resistance to claiming ownership of an elegant life this very day.

Susan is a local writer and consultant. Her book, “Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind” is available at our local bookstore. Contact her at: www.susanvelasquez.com






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