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A Bright Idea


By Susan McNeal Velasquez.
By Susan McNeal Velasquez.

Have you ever wished you could find an easy way to actualize your cherished dreams and goals? Do you try to protect yourself from self-criticism and disappointment if your results fall short of what you expected? Do you think you will ever reach the place where you are satisfied?

I think I have come up with a brand new approach that will be an innovative game changer. I will call it Mediocrity Mastery, a seminar experience to teach the art of underachieving.

I can picture it now. Instant thriving by letting go of tedious striving for improvement. Instant gratification. No responsibility for anything. No standards of behavior. No inner criticism. No pressure to meet expectations of others. No impossible expectations of self.

Imagine giving yourself full permission to eat anything and everything and gain as much weight as possible. This will create instant closet space. Forget about keeping all those clothes that you thought you would be able to wear again once you lose that extra weight. No more strenuous exercise routines that create self-criticism when you don’t follow through.

Your monthly expenses could decrease drastically by adjusting your image goals. No need for all those hair products, cosmetics, vitamins, colognes and in-style clothing. Reduce your inventory down to good old soap, water and a couple of sweat suits with elastic waistbands. Next you can dismiss the expensive trip to the hairdressers. Do it yourself. Gray hair is nature’s way of helping you off life’s center stage.

Mentally, you can relax. You can give up reading and writing in favor of quick sound bytes of information gleaned as you Facebook and tweet your way to enlightenment.

At work, go for the position that holds the least opportunity for advancement. What better way to insure job security? Learn the basics, set up your daily routine and forget about it. Operate on automatic pilot, protected from tiresome expectations to increase your productivity or use any of your creativity.

You will never have to worry about losing your creative edge since you will keep your supply of creativity safely locked away in the recesses of your mind.

This strategy will insure brain health since you will not be burning up brain cells at the rapid pace that most success-mongers do.

Emotionally, the world will be your playground. You can growl, argue, demand, and whine your way through all your encounters. Vent your frustrations. Complain loudly to anyone in earshot when your needs are not instantly met. Return to that blissful state of emotional immaturity when in your mind the entire world revolves around you. Let go of any impulse control. Display your temper.

I will caution you here that this could backfire and make you very memorable, a stand-out from the crowd or worse yet, a presidential candidate.

The only difficulty I can see with setting out to be mediocre is inherent in the dictionary definition. Mediocre is defined as: Indifferent, commonplace, ordinary.

Next comes: Moderation. Temperance. Temperance means moderation, sobriety, soberness, self-control, abstinence, and frugality. This is introducing discipline instead of freedom. Next comes the secondary definition which is: patience, calmness, sedateness, contentment, and moderation. Another good idea thwarted.

The take-away? Freedom and discipline are inseparable. Life is about choice.

Choose success or mediocrity but choose. Drama or discernment. Choose. No matter how we approach it, moment-to-moment choices woven together are what ultimately creates the fabric of a fulfilling life.


Susan is a local author and professional development consultant. Learn more at: beyondintellect.com




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