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Core Competence 

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

A hallmark of personal competence is the ability to make discerning choices. Choosing well requires the mental work of uncovering, discovering and committing to taking right actions that represent our best efforts to resolve the issues that are demanding our attention.

In these chaotic political times, the external bombardment of opinions and opposing ideologies is deafening.

What better time to do a reality check on our personal core reality so that we know whether we have a solid grounding that mirrors our core values as well as our true needs? An understanding of and compatibility between our values and our needs form the basis of our authenticity and personal power in the world.

How can we learn to access and utilize our personal wisdom base? All the useable knowledge from our past hurts, heartaches, triumphs and successes sits ready and waiting to be utilized whenever we are called to make a new decision.

After all, we’ve already experienced the pain of past mistakes. Therefore, all that is left is to incorporate the wisdom from those experiences and apply it to our current challenges. Our life experiences are the real estate that forms our personal morality. When we accept and respect that we have earned wisdom, we can create the right internal climate to make discernment a part of our core capabilities. Looking within to find our answers forms self-trust.

Our challenge is to assimilate our past experiences into useable insights and knowledge that informs us of right action in the present and gives clear directions for the creation of a life that is guided and directed by on-going self-knowledge.

Highly tuned intuitive ability is the reward for building a solid inner core.

The quality of our intuition depends on how well we are able to stand in the present, accept and assimilate our orphaned, disowned and misunderstood experiences from our past while choosing clear, life giving actions that set our feet firmly on our unique path.

Intuition guides us by increasing our knowledge, respect and acceptance of our needs, our values and the right use of emotional richness, mental agility, flexibility and clarity.

When we take ownership of our needs, our values, our thoughts and our feelings, we begin to build a solid inner core.

Core building is a mighty task. It takes commitment, courage, curiosity, a willingness to explore the unknown and a conscious decision to quiet the incessant internal chatter and really listen to our deepest spiritual guidance sometimes referred to as “that still, small voice within.”

Where are you going? Why so fast? What sustains you when all else fails? What are you avoiding? What stirs your mind and heart? What delights you? Intrigues you? Inspires you? Fulfills you? What are you really contributing? What level of discomfort do you live with, without ever questioning it?

These kinds of questions can be used to spark new movement of stuck physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies if we will simply give ourselves permission to open the floodgates to increase our self-knowledge.

Intuition is our soul voice speaking. Our task is to learn to turn within and really listen.

Our reward is a discerning life that is solidly centered rather than a life driven by the boisterous voice of our inner critic or the commands and demands of the external world that bombards and surrounds us.

Susan is a local author, seminar facilitator and clarity consultant. susanvelasquez.com






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