Wisdom Workout: Magic Moments

By Susan McNeal Velasquez.

By Susan McNeal Velasquez.

My new granddaughter arrived Thursday, March 14, in New Zealand, but a day earlier in Laguna. Bless Skype one more time.

I was able to see my daughter, Sara, looking beautiful and happy, her partner Stephan smiling ear to ear, and my new granddaughter, Aroha, with eyes wide open and all 8 lbs. 11 oz. of her miraculous, exquisite perfection, right there in front of me. That makes my mother’s heart soar.

The orioles have arrived. Each morning comes with a chorus of birdsong. The “March gloom” is lifting. As sunshine returns, my spirit brightens.

I received a surprise package from my sister-in-law in Texas. Laura used appliques from my Mother’s wedding dress to create beautifully framed keepsakes for me, my sisters, and sisters-in-law, as a belated remembrance from Mom, who died this past November. It gently touched that tender space in my heart reserved for my mother’s memory.

I had lunch with a friend who just turned 92 two weeks ago. Three months ago she had a mini-stroke and is currently following a regimented physical therapy program that she is determined to master. She is supposed to use a cane, but when I picked her up she told me she wasn’t going to bring it. I questioned that decision and she replied: “If I use it all the time, how the heck will I ever get rid of it?” She is also still driving a stick shift and shows no signs of doing anything different in that department either. We have been friends since I was 26 years old.

The comfort of a long-time friendship that has no purpose other than to bask in each other’s presence is delicious beyond description. We know that our outings are numbered but neither of us feels inclined to spend our precious moments together bemoaning those subjects that fall in the category of “I don’t know what happens next.” Instead, we easily slip from topic to topic, enjoying the moments as they come to the foreground and then slip into the memory files reserved for our timeless friendship.

I stopped by the Laguna Coffee Company Saturday morning to participate in the exuberant jazz that bubbles out of the talented musicians that gather for the pure joy of creating music.

A couple sat outside in the sun next to me. We started a conversation about how lucky we are to have this caliber of music available here. They shared that they have been married for 64 years and have lived in the area since the ‘70s. The husband stopped for a moment and looked at his wife and said: “I think I should share my special story with Susan.” Then, with a smile, he said: “This was one of the most significant experiences of my life.”

He continued: “I met a very inspiring man years back. One day, he brought out his wallet while we were chatting and took one bill out. It was a $2 bill. He explained that in monetary terms it was insignificant, yet, this bill was very special. Then he handed it to me and told me this would bring me all the luck I could ever want. He told me to put that days date on it to mark exactly when my lucky day arrived. I have done what I was told and I have had a gloriously successful life.” At that, he looked at his wife, and she smiled and affirmed that it was true.

Then he reached into his pocket and brought out his billfold. He opened it and took out one $2 bill. He carefully folded it and looked up at me and smiled as he handed it to me. He said that when I get home, to write this day’s date on it and to always keep it with me as a tribute to the day that abundant luck arrived in my life.


Susan is the author of BEYOND INTELLECT. She writes and produces seminars on emotional intelligence and intuition. Contact her at: susanvelasquez.com.


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