Woodworker Journeys Far

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Lloyd Walter
Lloyd Walter

Having retired from a career teaching engineering and technology, 83-year old Loyd Walter has now set his sights on woodwork, as it has developed from a long-time hobby to an engrossing passion.

From an early age, Walter could see the beauty of wood in its natural state so while others take wood and make it functional, Walter simply aims to bring out its essence.

Walter traveled from Methow Valley, Wash., to Laguna Beach, where he is one of 140 artists presenting their work at the Festival of Arts through Aug. 31.

“I am constantly discovering wood with new qualities, character, difficulties and opportunities,” said Walter, who estimates he’s worked with more than 40 different species of wood.

“This challenges me to develop new approaches, techniques, and skills. The enjoyment, challenge and fascination I get from woodworking is derived from the characteristics and beauty of the wood itself,” he added.

For info: 800-487-3378 or visit www.LagunaFestivalofArts.org


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