Young Philanthropists Ascend Stage a Final Time

The Ten Boys Who Care founders and their successors: top, Gus Morck and Blake Pivaroff; second row, Noah Linder, Sam Reynolds, Kent Cebreros, Zack Bonnin; third row, Will Goodwin, Noah Liao, Taylor Towe, Griffin Naess; fourth row, Mason Lebby, Sam Kluver; front, Jake Lund, Ayrton Garcia, Shea Blanchard, Luke Meisberger, Joseph Rosenberg and Enzo Sadler.

Sam Reynolds, Noah Linder, Enzo Sadler, Ayrton Garcia, Sam Kluver, Kent Cebreros, Mason Lebby, Blake Pivaroff, Zack Bonnin, and Gus Morck took the stage together for the last time during the Laguna Beach High School honors convocation.

They presented scholarships to Alex Peros for her hard work in girls water polo and Max Blanchard for his story of friendship and team commitment in cross country.

Over five years, the Ten boys Who Care have awarded $13,500 in scholarships and made a $1,000 gift to a Santa Ana high school.

Now they will mentor Noah Liao, Will Goodwin, Joseph Rosenberg, Shea Blanchard, Luke Meisberger, Taylor Towe, Jake Lund, Ben Neufeld, Griffin Naess and Oliver Rounaghi, eighth graders who will carry on the work of fundraising to continue awarding scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate good sportsmanship.

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