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More Sharks Offshore, But Don’t Panic

Even though there are more great white sharks in the ocean alongside an increasing number of ocean-goers, experts say precaution, not panic, is required.

Laguna Basketball Rolls Sharks 63-47

Santiago proved to be a very physical opponent as the Breakers (26-3) shook off the complacency of the easy 10-0 league run to hold...

Sharing the Waves with Great White Sharks

  There are more baby white sharks close to shore than ever before, according to a Southland shark expert. And they’re not leaving any time...

Sightings Intensify Debate Over Sharks

Last week’s fatal shark attack on a body boarder near Santa Barbara County’s surfing Shangri-la, Hollister Ranch, made clear that the ocean remains in...

Advocating for Abalone with a Song

By Donna Furey | LB Indy Laguna local Cheryl Procaccini, a self-described “singing naturalist” has just released “Lonely Abalone,” a song inspired by a marine...

Beloved Endurance Swimmer Lynn Kubasek Dies at 60

Endurance swimmer and beloved Laguna local, Lynn Kubasek, died on Thursday, Jan. 24, at age 60, with friends by her side.

Local Charity is Ultimate Winner in Paddleboard Race

Conditions were a bit rough at the start of the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race on Sunday, Aug. 26, but eventually the water smoothed out, enabling Laguna local David Skarman to finish the race in seven hours and 17 minutes, beating last year’s time, in choppy water, by 36 minutes.

Letter: Sales Tax Increase Measure P is a Poor ROI

Editor, Let’s say I offered you a deal. In exchange for $5 million per year for 25 years, I’ll agree to reduce a possible risk...

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Bad Taste I have to tell you after reading the Indy’s “More Sharks Offshore, But Don’t Panic,” I panicked. I got into my car and...

Female Athletes Make a Splash in Water, on Screen

Courtney Hamchuck spied them while jogging in Dana Point Harbor, a cluster of women paddling canoes on the water. A surfer who had played...

Pet Peeves

Message in a Bottle The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition is an advocate of marine conservation.  A recent Indy article, “On the Hunt for Water Wasters” explains...


Historic Playoff Run for Laguna Breakers

Boys Basketball (25-3, 10-0) LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Breakers are seeded second in the 32-team 3AA single elimination playoffs and played the first round on Wednesday, Feb....

High-Seas Adventure Awakens Ocean Awareness

It was a real-life rendition of what Susie Campbell, captain of Campbell’s Sloop, provided last year for 130 happy adult campers at the inaugural Ocean Awareness Challenge weekend on Catalina Island (Sept. 9-11, 2016).

Waterman Brings It Full Circle

When David Skarman a Laguna waterman and Emerald Bay reserve fire captain decided last spring to compete in the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, which crosses 32 miles of open ocean, he could not have predicted what an endurance test it would turn out to be.