Push Alert FAQ

What is a Push Notification?

A push notification (also known as a server push notification) is the delivery of information to a computing device from an application server where the request for the transaction is initiated by the server rather than by an explicit request from the client. While ‘push notification’ is most often used to refer to notifications on mobile devices, web applications also leverage this technology.

The Indy offers readers the opportunity to opt-in to our push notification feed. This opt-in is 100% voluntary, and the user has to initiate the process to receive push notifications from the Indy.

How do you opt-in? Typically you will see a pop-up window asking you to allow for push notifications if you accept you are subscribed. Please keep in mind this is browser-specific, so if you use multiple browsers, you may see the request to sign up again, you can skip the secondary opt-in when you open the new browser.

If you choose not to sign up, all you do is decline the request at the time the pop-up appears. If you have signed up and no longer want to receive these news alerts, please note that you control the notifications through your browser, we do not have that information. 

Select the browser link below for the steps to turn off notifications in the event you choose to opt-out:

Google Chrome



If you would additionally like to receive our email news updates you can sign up by selecting the link below:

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