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Teen Perseveres Against Top-tier Rivals

Almost everything that could possibly go wrong in Jade Howson’s stand-up paddling race in Denmark did.

Police Prepare Again for a Political Demonstration

Laguna Beach police plan to deploy its entire staff to Main Beach this Sunday, Sept. 24, in anticipation of a follow-up demonstration to one that drew 2,500 people to Laguna Beach in August. The organizer behind last month’s rally, Johnny Benitez of Lake Forest, told police this...

Susan’s Fan club Sounds Off

Editor, Thank you for Susan Velasquez’ “Grace and Grit” column in last week’s Indy. It spoke from Susan’s heart and mind so personally, purely, and graphically. Her sister’s, brothers’ and former family homes destroyed in “the...

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Community Foundation Shrinks its Mission

the Community Foundation also helped educate scores of volunteer board members at small non-profits with practical advice about tax returns, board governance and marketing.

Musings on the Coast

The Hot Blond Returns  Oh hell, I thought. Here she comes again, but I did a double take. She didn’t look hot. She looked bedraggled and distracted. She was trying: tight jeans, heels, and a thin blouse with spaghetti straps. And it was at the...
Posted On 21 Sep 2017

‘Grandfathered’ Parking Allowances Need Burial

Editor, I’m reading where the City of Laguna Beach is again talking parking studies. I have no idea how much money we have spent in my taxpayer dollars over the 30 years I have lived here on this issue. There is a simple solution to help in the...

Dreams Deferred are Dreams Denied

Editor, Individually and collectively we try to be careful stewards of our city’s natural and cultural treasures.  Top down federal or state government assistance to cities is always welcome, but we strongly prefer bottom up local control of our...

Let’s Put the Tree to the Test

Editor, Currently City Hall wants to make the old pepper tree in front of City Hall safer. The current debate is how to do it. I see a connection between our historic pepper tree at city hall and the Watts Towers. In 1959, Los Angeles City Hall...

Expect a Zagat Rating for Hazards

Editor, Since the City Council is not willing to avoid a hazardous situation on Coast Highway, I am issuing a warning. The Drake Restaurant is replacing Tabu and increasing it’s previous seating capacity of 56 to 89 with a 112 person occupancy....

False Equivalence Between America First and No Hate Protesters

Editor: I am a resident of Laguna Beach who attended the counter protest to America First at Main Beach. I’m writing because I couldn’t recognize the event the article “Organizer Cancels America First Rally” described and I attended. I attended because I had watched the YouTube video America...

Sorting Out Antifa

Editor, The Antifa are not a part of the left.  They are anarchists. Anarchists believe in the abolition of the state, or the frenzied and orgiastic demolition of government. The left does not believe in the eradication of government.  And anarchists, by definition, do not work for either side....

Following the Rule of Law

Editor, I read Freidenrich’s opinion on DACA in the Sept. 8 LB Indy that inferred following the Rule of Law was “virtually impossible”.  Americans have faced and overcome daunting and overwhelming odds before to save the Republic. In the late 1980’s we were promised by...

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Support for Local Merchants

Editor, Some years ago I wrote a letter to the Indy commenting on the excellent experience I had at Laguna Sunset Drugs here in Laguna.  With all the changes that have come about in...

In Praise of Vasquez’s Sentiment

Thank you for Susan Velasquez’ “Grace and Grit” column in last week’s Indy. It spoke from Susan’s heart and mind so personally, purely, and graphically. Her...

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