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About The Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper: LagunaBeachIndy.com

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laguna-beach-newspaperFounded in 2003, and acquired by Firebrand Media LLC in January of 2009, the Laguna Beach Independent is the local’s newspaper for Laguna Beach, California. We feature local news, politics, the arts and festivals, news features, local sports, and events.

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The Laguna Beach Indy is delivered every Friday to more than 10,000 Laguna Beach homes and to more than 125 strategic locations in town. With a total circulation of 53,000+ newspapers every month with an estimated readership of 213,000*, the Indy has 3-5 times more exposure for your business than any of our competitors in print alone.

The Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper (The Indy) the only local news source published in print, online, a mobile app, promoted through our email database and our social media feeds.

The Laguna Beach Indy is the best opportunity to get your business/brand message out to our highly targeted audience in every medium available. We offer excellent programs that combine all of our channels (print, online, email, and social media). There is no need to settle for a piece of the town, we all know readers consume content differently, some in print, some online and some via mobile. The Firebrand Laguna Beach Indy marketing program gives you everything.

Letters to the editor

Submission guidelines:

E-mail letters to: [email protected]

Letters strengthen community ties and provide a community forum open to all.

Due to space constraints, we ask letter writers to limit their topics to local concerns, make their submissions exclusive to the Indy alone and be of 400 words or less.

Letters should be submitted by Tuesday, 5 p.m. They may be edited for clarity, length or appropriateness as needed.

We decline to publish letters that we perceive as personal attacks, even of public figures. We strive for civil discourse over ideas and issues, not personalities.

Letter writers must supply their name and contact information. Published letters will only use the writer’s name and the city of residence. E-mail letters are preferred.


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