Iseman Understands the Issues

Editor, After reading all the many responses by the candidates for the City Council and listening at the forums, Toni Iseman was the only one that gave answers that showed an understanding of the issues.  She should be retuned to the council. John Selecky, Laguna Beach

Democracy in Action

Editor, I am thrilled to share that my wife, Chris, and I watched democracy work at the Laguna Beach City Council Workshop tonight.  All sides deserve to be applauded. John Selecky, Laguna Beach

Questioning Reluctance Over Lack of a Ballot

Editor, When you reduce the proposed village entrance project down to its essence, what you have is a parking garage camouflaged by trees that will be used some 10 weeks out of the year and a park of questionable usage being along side noisy, Laguna Canyon Road. And, it only adds...

Design Review Failed to Protect His Neighbor’s View

Editor, I strongly support the City’s recent attempt to strengthen the View ordinance, as announced in your paper (“Council Sets Sights on View Ordinance,” Jan. 18).  At the same time, I think the city administration needs to get behind it and begin to support it...