Blue Bombers Live Up to Their Name

The Blue Bombers won the Laguna Beach regional girls under 10 championship Nov. 17 with an overtime win of 1-0. They move onto the regional tournament on Dec 1.

Blue Bombers Head To Playoffs

AYSO Blue Bombers won their girls under 10 division, undefeated with six wins and a tie; playoffs begin Nov 3. From left, Coach Geoff Black, Assistant Coach Kelly Boyd. Back left; Rachel Carver, Hana Ford, Sophie Black, Mercer Janssen, Lucky Hauer, Tatiana Morre, Londo...

Art for Kids

 Showcasing Next Generation Artists By Jennifer Baker, Special to the Independent   Several local Laguna Beach student artists supervised and even took part in hanging their works as part of the Festival of Arts’ Junior Art exhibit.  For 79 years the Festival has supported junior...