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Artists Create Couture that Astonishes

By Loreen Berlin – Special to the Independent Local artists currently exhibiting their specialties in the Festival of Arts also applied their talent to other mediums and fashioned outfits from the fun and the youthful to the flirtatious and phenomenal during Saturday’s...

A Gift Accepted With Grace

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to Barbara Crane’s house for dinner, you’ll be greeted warmly by a hostess born into the art of Southern hospitality, before being seated at an elegant table set with china and crystal from her collection.

America First! Plans Laguna Rally

A group that seeks stronger immigration protections plans a protest in Laguna Beach on Sunday, Aug. 20.

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Laguna Teachers ‘Rocket’ to New Heights

Last fall, Laguna Beach school administrators launched a new teacher-training program that helps instructors integrate state-of-the-art technology into lessons that allow students to solve real-world problems and explore cultures across the globe.

Waterman Seeks a Personal Best

After a 27-year hiatus, David Skarman is embarking on what he calls “an all out paddle battle,” having devoted every spare hour for months to train for the grueling and danger-filled endurance test that pushes off at dawn from the Catalina...
Posted On 13 Aug 2017

Still a Showcase for New Talent

Last summer, Jennifer, a teacher on parental leave, and husband Jesse, a Thurston teacher and Laguna Beach lifeguard, returned to the Sawdust. “We are a legacy. People are coming back who still remember my parents,” said Jennifer.

Taking Stock

Missiles, Dollars, Stocks and Farms Stocks finally took a step backwards, giving up less than one percent on news of possible hostilities with North Korea. That still leaves the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 11% this year and 3% since the end...

Laguna Raises the Bar on Climate Protection

The Laguna Beach City Council unanimously adopted the aims of the Paris Climate accords to forestall global warming, becoming one of the first cities in the county to endorse a policy ratified by 165 countries since 2015. The Trump...

Old Letter Reflects Original Intent of Historical Preservation Rules

Editor, In a letter I found in my files dated April 24, 1992, on city stationary sent to me, I was informed my home had been listed on the city’s Historic Resources Inventory. In the second paragraph of the letter there is the statement...

Local Media Shows Bias

Editor, I enjoy reading the Indy and Stu News. They are the “go to” for local community news and Laguna happenings. What I don’t enjoy, and what is disappointing, is that the local news, and the Indy in particular, has become a political tool in our nation’s politics. Frankly, my dear, your...

Museum Seeks its Own History in Images

Editor, Next year we’ll celebrate the 100-year history of Laguna Art Museum, which began with the founding of the Laguna Beach Art Association in 1918. One of the ways we’ll mark the occasion is by publishing a book of photographs and ephemera telling the LAM/LBAA story. With a little help from...

Arts Community Benefits from Published Recognition

Editor, I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for Daniella Walsh’s lovely article about my first year in the Festival of Arts. Of course, it’s tremendously flattering to receive such a glowing review of my art. But it’s also wonderful to have a local writer who understands the...

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Old Laguna Memories

Editor, Hot weather this summer brings to mind two or three humid summers here in the 1950’s. Back then long beach days ended swimming after dark, then gathering around bonfires. Kids ate hot...

Day-Trippers Suffocate the Town

Editor, There are reports that sales are flat. There’s even a rumor that one art festival may close forever. Person after person is saying desirable visitors are shunning Laguna Beach because of...

The Kibitzer

Let’s Make Downtown Great Again Inaccurate information circulating on social media suggests the city will consider closing Forest Avenue to cars this fall. Let me set the record straight....
Posted On 10 Aug 2017

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