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New Artwork Overlooks Diver’s Cove

An octopus sculpture and bronze bench now perch in Heisler Park overlooking Diver’s Cove in Laguna Beach.

Salutations Suitable for Greeter’s Day

The public is invited to turn the tables and greet Laguna Beach greeter Michael Minutoli at the second annual International Greeter’s Day at 10 a.m. Sunday, June 25, on Main Beach.

Arts Enrich the Town, Literally

A new study shows that Laguna Beach non-profit arts and cultural institutions and their audiences generated $95.4 million in economic activity altogether in 2015, or twice that as five years earlier.

Parents Join TOW’s Pioneer Day Send-off

Square dancing brought smiles to the multi-purpose room as Pioneer Day drew to a close. Mothers and fathers counted their steps and tried to keep pace with their children. It was a special time for connection and reflection.

OC Pride Summons a New Vitality

LGBT Heritage & Culture Month culminates with the OC Pride's Laguna Beach Party on Sunday, June 25, hosted by Visit Laguna Beach and the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Dissenters Disregarded in Negotiations Over Historic Preservation Rules

Editor, I have lived in Laguna since 1959. At 10 years of age, the realization that this is where I want to live is absolute. Fast forward to 1979, and I have a wife and we prepare ourselves to start a family by buying a house. Since 1979 there...

Getting What We Deserve

Our school board’s disruptive and disorderly termination of the LBUSD Community Learning Center (CLC) is a case study in how our elected school officials shift blame for bad governance to teachers, students and parents. For 30 years our school board offered CLC at the Top of the World campus as...

Wish-List Emerges for Beach Restroom Makeover

Applegate was one of a handful of residents at a public workshop held at the site of the south Main Beach restroom on Tuesday, where public works officials outlined the city’s plan for its replacement, now estimated by city planners to cost upwards of $1 million.

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Travel Ban’s Foe Puts a Face on Refugees

“My father was kidnapped, my husband was murdered, and I saw all of it,” Alkhafji said. “My family has been threatened; I have been threatened everyday. I couldn’t stay in Baghdad.”

Pet Peeves

Vitruvian Man I like reading Indy stories. I learn about what’s happening around me. I was drawn into The Indy’s “Lesson Mixes Art With Science.” A local art teacher...


Track & Field   Coaches Award: Callista Helms, Piper Warner, Laura Biachi, Jessica Berk, Noah Kilburg, Chris Hynson, Eric Cortellessa, Carter Sokolovic. Distance: Evie Cant, Zach...