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Opponents of Preservation Rules Solidify Resistance

When Dimitri bought the 1930s-era home in the spring of 2016, records showed it was neither on the city’s historic register or its 1981 historic inventory.

Suspected Car Thief Eludes Police Search

By Cassandra Reinhart, Special to the Independent Laguna Beach police are asking for the help of residents in locating a car thief who got away on foot during a chase Sunday afternoon. It all started when police officers spotted a black 1998 Honda CRV, reported as stolen out of...

Upstart Touts Fundraising Prowess

Harley Rouda, a Democratic candidate for the 48th Congressional District, says he’s “neck-and-neck” with the longtime incumbent, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, in terms of fundraising.
Posted On 24 Apr 2017

‘Augie’ Documentary Inspires Hope

Moviegoers may not expect a film involving a disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain and spine to inspire hope, but “Augie” certainly does.

Film Fest Promises an Immersive Run

That’s the message the Newport Beach Film Festival wants 50,000 filmgoers to embrace during the 18th annual cinematic confluence of filmmakers and moviegoers that runs through April 27 at more than a dozen theaters in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

Taking Stock

Paradoxes Prevail Since November, politics has dominated the financial news. The new Administration continues irregular progress with its campaign promises, faltering with reworking broad medical coverage. This led to reduced expectations that...


Planners Step Away from Tighter Historic Rules

Members of the Laguna Beach Planning Commission are questioning the benefit of keeping so-called C-rated properties on the city's 1981 historic inventory, and some questioned keeping the inventory at all.

Musings on the Coast

Addict Nation We have become a nation of addicts. And you can see it all over Laguna Beach. It comes in three forms: illegal drugs like cocaine or heroin, legal opiates like vicodin, and social media addiction. Just in case you do not know it,...
Posted On 20 Apr 2017

Southbound ‘Limited’ Makes Fewer Stops

Editor: After further review and a conversation with public works, it has become evident that the new trolley routes aimed at solving overcrowded trolleys in the southern part of town are more complex than was apparent in previous summaries. I...

Power Outages Spark Outrage

Editor, For demanding that Southern California Edison place their predictably faulty utilities underground, it is sheer effrontery to learn that SCE, our unreliable electrical power supplier, dares to sue the City of Laguna Beach. Since our residency here in 1984, we’ve kept silent on the...

Resist Shoreline Nuclear Waste Storage

Editor, Southern California Edison negotiations will be going on for the next three months or so. During that time, the watchdog group San Clemente Green will be seeking advice from independent nuclear experts for alternative locations and holding more meetings to raise awareness and get public...

New Sign Plan Sends Contradictory Message

Editor, While a new way-finding sign program could be useful if it reduces signage citywide, there is a problem with the process if it is closed to citizens, local groups and the city’s own Parking, Traffic, and Circulation Committee. The idea started with the Chamber of Commerce and the city:...

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Thanks for Not Teaching

Editor, Thanks, James Utt, for not returning to teaching and recognizing that your liberal bias would seep into any classroom you enter. We already have a liberal invasion in our colleges, where...

Village Matters

We Have Everything We Need Neighbor and fellow landscape architect Sally Dunne had stage four cancer for years. Surgeries, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants bought her time. Always cheerful...