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Security Tightens in District Schools

All visitors, contract workers and volunteers stepping foot on Laguna Beach campuses during regular school hours will soon be required to undergo security screening to gain entrance.

Marine Protections Show Little Impact

Marine protections imposed five years ago along the Southern California coast reveal no consistent region-wide “abundance trends” or extinctions for any species, says a report released this week.

Rouda Candidacy Gains Momentum

Laguna Beach resident Harley Rouda has raised more than $100,000 from independent donors since declaring his candidacy earlier this month for California's 48th Congressional District, which includes Laguna and Newport Beach, says a statement issued by his campaign.
Posted On 18 Mar 2017

SoLag Riled Over Rowdy Tourists

She joined an overflowing annual meeting of the South Laguna Civic Association where residents expressed frustration over the escalating impact of tourists including property crimes, public urination and parking in their neighborhoods to city...

Teacher’s Action Saves His Student

Without warning, Sam’s heart apparently stopped and he fell to the floor.

Consult Trolley Users Before Cutting Service

Editor, As a two-year transit rider who must rely on the neighborhood trolley to get to work, I think I may have some insight as to why the program didn’t achieve the “numbers” the city was hoping for: Poor publicity for Neighborhood Trolley...


City Transit Out of Touch

Editor, The blue and white city bus that goes south to the Ritz Carlton and Salt Creek park six days a week also stops at Gelson’s and CVS, saving seniors and others a long walk from Blue Lagoon’s bus stop or up the stairway at Wesley in...

Swap Empty Buses for Pension Payments

Editor, I was pleased to see your announcement of City Hall’s decision to cut bus service somewhat offseason. The city cost is $1.2 million annually. I noticed on front page just below this article the city pension plan is in trouble with a...

Phone on the Wind

Editor, In Japan a mourning resident of Otsuchi placed a disconnected  phone booth on the perch of a hill. The rotary phone inside serves pilgrims to this site a call on the wind to reach family members lost in the tsunami and nuclear disaster...

Radio Station Stays on the Air Despite Power Loss

Editor, Tyler Russell here, founder of your friendly, neighborhood radio station KX 93.5. I want to say thank you to the City of Laguna Beach, The Laguna Beach Police Department and our listeners for relying on us during the storms a couple weeks ago. When power went out in most parts of town...

Celebrating Spring

Editor: Where is global warming when we need it? I do look forward to the first day of spring, balmy weather, and flowers in bloom. The first day of spring is actually a perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf in our personal habits – to clean house, to jog outdoors, and to replace...

Lover Letter to Laguna

Editor, This to express how in love I am with the city of Laguna Beach. I have visited both this wonderful and peaceful city and the surrounding area several times, and come back anytime. I appreciate your city and the people as well. Everyone is so friendly and easy-going that I always feel at...

Upcoming Events

The Kibitzer

A Walk Through Soka I’ve been exploring a lot of the Laguna Coast Wilderness, part of my scheduled therapy to combat the daily Dadaist play that has enveloped us. Recently I rolled deep into...
Posted On 16 Mar 2017

Noted Architect’s Works Return to the Spotlight

Aubrey St. Clair, the prolific architect responsible for many government buildings and private homes in Laguna Beach designed in the Mediterranean colonial style, is the subject of a talk by...

Personnel File

Seniors Honor Community Champions Longtime Planning Commissioner, activist, and Laguna Beach Seniors champion Anne Johnson will be honored with the 2017 Legacy Award at the Susi Q’s annual Legacy...