Is Another Light Needed?



Traffic conditions in Laguna Canyon are unpredictable at any time of day, as those who travel it daily know all too well.  Even in mid-afternoon the canyon backs up before Big Bend coming into town and to the Festival grounds leaving town.  The last thing we need, in my opinion, is another traffic light to further delay traffic in and out of town.

Yes, the recent death of the young French art student was tragic.  And yes, I agree that conditions at the Art Institute are dangerous and untenable.  But another traffic light is not the best approach.  Would it not make more sense to install a pedestrian bridge over the canyon or a subterranean walkway under the canyon to provide access for pedestrians needing to cross?  What better memorial to this student than an artistic exterior bridge or interior tunnel design created by students of the Art Institute?

Yes, it would be a little more expensive, however, it would eliminate cars having to stop for yet another light. It would probably reduce rear-end accidents from the chain reaction of stopping cars in both directions. And, most importantly, there would be no risk to pedestrians being hit by inattentive drivers who run the red light under consideration.

Please consider providing a safe path for pedestrians that does not negatively impact the thousands of cars that travel in and out of town each day.  Perhaps the unfortunate recent event can be the stimulus for a lasting and safe solution. Please consider a pedestrian bridge or subterranean walkway to solve this unfortunate problem.

Russ Hill, Laguna Beach

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