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I was so pleased to read the Susan Velasquez column last week entitled “Magic Unfolds at Festival Events.” I loved and appreciated every word of her analysis of what is often really going on at all these festivals.

The essence of our opening celebrations is not only the art or the music of the day or the evening, but all the other human connections that take place while we are visiting them.

I saw this so vividly at the first Concert in the Park last Sunday at Bluebird Park. The audience approached 1,400–infants, toddlers, mothers and fathers, strangers and long-time friends all enjoying not only the music, but the fun of being together and sharing stories new and old.

The beautiful, confident, happy children from 4 to 14 all canvassing the audience hand in hand looking for a familiar face or just looking. Old and new friends are dancing, talking, eating, connecting with each other to the live background music. I had the good fortune to sit with an old friend who locates her long-standing place to sit at 11:30 a.m. for the 5 o’clock show. There we sat doing as Susan said, having the privilege of participating in and enjoying the goodness of life in our own hometown of Laguna Beach.

A big thanks to the Laguna Arts Commission and the city of Laguna Beach.

Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach

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