Appreciation for Sawdust Visitors; Yarn Bomb Mystery Resolved




On behalf of the Sawdust Festival artists, board of directors and staff, I want to thank all our visitors who helped make the 2011 Sawdust one of our best festivals to date. We are also grateful to the Laguna community for supporting the arts and for your patience in working through the summer increase in traffic.

Concerning the recent “yarn bomb” brouhaha, it has become clear that no Sawdust artist had anything to do with their disappearance. It turned out to be an administrative snafu. I have spoken with Michelle Boyd and expressed regret over what happened. She was very gracious in our conversation.

For 45 years the Sawdust Festival has brought a lot of joy to literally millions who have experienced hours of great art, good food and excellent entertainment. We shall continue with that goal in the years ahead.


Again, many thanks to all who this year supported the artists of the Sawdust Festival.


Jay Grant, Laguna Beach

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