Appreciation for Standing Against Flight Intrusion



(This letter also was addressed to council members.)

I want to thank the City Council for its work in greatly reducing the number of commercial jets from John Wayne Airport that overfly Laguna Beach. In the last four years, I have noticed a marked decrease in the number of overflights and a significant reduction in aircraft noise in my neighborhood.

The recent settlement agreement between the city and the FAA will ensure that commercial jet overflights of our community continue to diminish, and our citizens will continue to experience less aircraft noise and pollution. I also understand that the settlement agreement creates a process whereby a city airspace consultant will work with the FAA to develop an approach procedure that will also reduce aircraft noise during Santa Ana conditions.

Laguna Beach is fortunate to have leaders with the foresight to protect our community from federal decisions such as Metroplex that had the potential to significantly impact our quality of life. With the settlement agreement, commercial jets must maximize use of procedures that result in overflights south of our City and at altitudes approaching 11,000 feet.

Laurence P. Nokes, Laguna Beach

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