Artistic Touch Needed on Guards HQ


Editor,                                                                                                                                                 Like many of Laguna’s lucky residents, I walk by Main Beach on a daily basis. It’s with growing anticipation that I await the completion of the new lifeguard headquarters.

All of the signs of construction, the fencing and wires, portable offices and cranes will soon be a thing of the past and our hardworking lifeguards will have a home to be proud of.

Like many I could quibble over the design but overall it looks like it will be a success. There is one element that seems out of place to me; that is the bench in the foreground of the rendering, it is a bulk of concrete with (aluminum?) bars, for armrests, I guess. I think if there is one spot in all of Laguna that deserves one of our unique artist commissioned benches it is here.

I hope someone ( Pat?) sees this and can do something before it is final. And remember there is no law that says the bench must be in place when the new headquarters opens.

Let’s take our time and put a visually appropriate bench there, not something that belongs outside of a courthouse somewhere in the inland empire. Anyone agree?

Jason Pannell, Laguna Beach

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