Larsen Fans Hope to Restore His Sculpture

It’s faded and cracked from the elements, and the hand is missing a thumb. Even so, the sculpture of Eiler Larsen, the Danish vagabond who metamorphosed into the revered Laguna Beach greeter, still draws throngs of visitors who pass his corner at Forest Ave and Coast Highway 41...

Theatre Spotlights a Little Recognized Musical Gem

  “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,” “I’m in the Mood for Love,” and “On the Sunny Side of the Street” are among 400 generation-spanning hit songs written by Dorothy Fields (1904-1974). Recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, performed by Broadway...

Alliance Celebrates 10 Years of Art Stars

The Laguna Beach Alliance for the Arts celebrated the 10th anniversary of the annual Art Star Awards by acknowledging and rewarding the best and brightest on the Laguna Beach art scene with elegant statuettes created by sculptor Louis Longi this past Sunday, April 3. It also...

Artist’s Quest Transforms Himself

Artist Russell Pierce plans to portray them and others in a portfolio project he calls “Change Agents.”

Greeter Fans Hope to Restore His Sculpture

The artists who carved a wooden likeness of Laguna Beach greeter Eiler Larsen hopes to restore it.

Reimagining a City of the Arts

A year-round cultural center for visual and performing arts, a new international art festival, and peer review of public art commissions are among the recommendations of a report assessing the Laguna Beach art community.

Wendt Painting Makes its Way Home to Laguna

A William Wendt painting of Laguna Beach is donated to the Laguna Art Museum by local collectors.

Vandals Again Target 9/11 Memorial

A dent about the circumference of a baseball mars the shiny sphere forcefully separated from the welded base of a Sept. 11 memorial in Laguna Beach. It is the third act of vandalism to befall the work, installed in Heisler Park on Sept. 11, 2012, 10 years after terrorists...

Telling Stories on Canvas and Paper

Framed by a background of fire set against a blackish blue sky, a group of apes gamely rows a log through roiling water. Hanging on to an ax embedded in the wood, the leader is absorbed in his task while his second in command looks squarely at the viewer. As for the rest, they...

‘Louis & Keely’ Revives the Vegas Lounge Life

  He’s a crooner whose career has not really quite jelled, and she is a 17-year-old with stars in her eyes and ambitions to become a big band singer. As he arrives at yet another lounge, he looks a bit shopworn until she bops up on the stage, pony-tailed, saddle-shoed,...

New Art Galleries Test the Waters

Music, water, mermaids and myriad permutations of the female form as perceived by new and established artists fill two new Laguna Beach galleries. While new to operating galleries, the principals are well-known locals rolling the dice, trying their hands at another artistic...

Local Artist Receives Top Award

Laguna Beach artist Ruth Mayer put aside her paintbrush and palette knife last month to travel to Florence, Italy, to receive the Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Lifetime Achievement. Mayer, 81, said she was selected by the Cultural Association in Florence, which selects...

New Art Galleries Test the Waters

New gallery operators are far from newcomers, but longtime dabblers in the Laguna Beach art scene who are striking out in a new direction.

Artists Clamor for a Sense of Place

Although Laguna Beach has three summer arts festivals, a thriving art museum and a lively theater and music scene, the lack of a central cultural arts center remains a shortcoming, according to results of a recent survey.

Music Fest Grows Younger with Time

Classical music will mix with contemporary compositions in a trio of concerts at Laguna Playhouse Feb. 12-14 during the run of the annual Laguna Beach Music Festival. The festival aims to achieve that goal by engaging two artistic directors, violinist Jennifer Koh and pianist...