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Re: Lowell Frazee’s letter about the parking restrictions on certain streets in North Laguna to facilitate street sweeping. I also feel that it’s a strange situation that one area of Laguna has these restrictions and the rest of town does not.

As I understand the situation, the parking restriction was set up many years ago after residents of North Laguna streets petitioned the city to establish the parking restriction.

Since I live in the village area it doesn’t greatly effect me if the restrictions in North Laguna stay or go. However, I would like to have such a parking restriction in my neighborhood and I would encourage North Laguna residence to be carful what they wish and campaign for.

My street gets “cleaned” on Friday mornings. However it’s a futile waste of time for the driver of the street sweeper as the dirt, dust and trash is almost entirely closer to the curb. When the street sweeper drives along the street he is forced to clean down the middle of the street due to the parked cars. If there is a gap between cars of 50 feet or more the sweeper might get to the side of the road for a few feet before he has to pull out around the next car. Rarely are there such gaps between parked cars so we are wasting our tax money to pretend to sweep the street. Parking restrictions through out Laguna would make his work more efficient, impactful and hopefully ensure his employment for years to come.

The sweeper driver is a really nice guy and wants to do a good job. He will wait or loop around while I move my car out of his way or trash cans that I have used to stop others from parking before he arrives.

Pros of street sweeping: less trash, dirt, dust. Leaves, etc. Improved appearance of the street. Less pollution of the ocean. Less trash clogging our storm drains.

Cons: parking ticket if you forget to move your car.

If you are thinking about talking with the city to remove the parking restriction on your street, I would advise you to have a look at Anita, Catalina, Avalon, Seaview, etc. on a Friday after the street has been “cleaned” to understand how dirty your streets will be after sweeping.


Max Isles, Laguna Beach


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  1. I agree, Max! If there wasn’t a parking restriction there would be a loud hue and cry about the lack of efficacy of the street sweeping, as there is on your street (and mine). Is it really that hard to remember to put your car in the garage where it belongs on street sweeping day? Methinks that when this is one’s biggest problem, one can count oneself as pretty darn fortunate.

  2. Not everyone in North Laguna has a garage space or driveway to park their car. Mondays through Wednesdays usually feel like a Walmart parking lot on Christmas eve since the effective parking capacity is cut in half.


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