That’s what the Laguna Beach community has been.  Betrayed by Mission Hospital (“Hospital Outbids Open Space Buyers,” July 1).

I have been approached by more than two dozen people asking how could this happen. All of them, no exceptions, opining that the officials at Mission Hospital acted in an unethical, unprofessional way.  (Actually nearly all used language a lot stronger than that, but such words are not appropriate for publication.) 

At the very least, if Mission Hospital cared about the community and the City of Laguna Beach, they could have been much more open about their intentions.  Instead they let the city staff, the city council, and the planning commission spend a very considerable amount of time and effort believing that the city could acquire the Domanskis property.  Prior to that, of course, the Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) and the California Coastal Conservancy had expended huge efforts working to facilitate the acquisition of this property.  Then, at what appears to be the very last minute, Mission Hospital, like a vulture, swoops in and totally thwarts all the work by the city, the LCF, the Coastal Conservancy and the entire Laguna Beach community.

So much for Mission Hospital’s touted good community relations! 

Bill Rihn, Laguna Beach

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