Beyond Beauty, Trees Serve as Nature’s Air Filter



Catherine Cooper’s column, “A Question of Sustainability, “ May 17 edition, on CO2 levels being close to surpassing the 400 ppm at the recording station on Mauna Loa, is a reminder of the horrendous damage we are doing to our environment whether it be Hawaii or Laguna Beach.

I have been attending the View Equity Committee meetings and I wish to stress the importance of keeping our large trees, whether they be downtown or in our neighborhoods.  Lacing and trimming is more appropriate than chopping down our mature trees as we were witness to in the downtown area two weeks ago.

The trees we live among are much more than beautiful. They do serious work and provide many benefits. The larger the tree, the more it helps to settle out, trap and hold particulate pollutants (car fumes, dust, ash, pollen and smoke) that can damage human lungs. These trees absorb CO2 and other dangerous gases and, in turn, replenish the atmosphere with oxygen.  Think of our summer traffic!

We are fortunate; our good neighbors lace their trees every two years.  The birds that live in these trees, the rustle of their leaves, the subtle stirring of the wind and the tree movement indicating the fog is lifting, all bring life to our home. We love the definition and summer shade these trees give us as we look through them to the ocean. The Greenbelt and the Bluebelt surrounds us.  This is Laguna.

Laurence P. Nokes is chairman of the View Equity Committee. It is very important for us to weigh in on this issue so please let Larry Nokes know you are in support of views with trees. He can be reached at 949-376-3500 or email him at


Charlotte and Alex Masarik, Laguna Beach

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