Bike Fatalities Marginalized Compared to Cop’s Death



It has been three months since John Colvin’s fatal-hit-and-run in Emerald Bay. In an email from his wife Joan, I’ve learned she still has no accident report from the LBPD.

Following three separate motorcades, last month the LBPD reminded us again of our dedication to the sculpture memorial “Eternal Legacy” for fallen motor officer Jon Coutchie.

The city commission for the “Eternal Legacy” memorial art is $75,000. The total spent on Laguna Beach safe cycling infrastructure from 2008 to present (six years) is $5,000 plus the sharrow symbols on Glenneyre (about $250 each).

A search for “John Colvin” gets six hits; a search for “Jon Coutchie” gets 25 hits at the online newspaper Laguna Beach Independent.

Remember these events when you ride your bicycle in Laguna Beach.

Another cover-up is almost complete. Residents will forget. All’s well in the fiefdom.

Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach


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  1. It took LBPD almost one year before getting Officer Coutchie’s accident report from the CHP. These things take time to do right.

    All the money for Officer Coutchies memorial was raised and donated by his family, friends and coworkers.

    Try thinking next time you post a letter so you don’t sound ignorant.

    PS Laguna is an awful, unsafe place to ride a bicycle. Anyone with a brain knows that and cycles elsewhere.


    A 2 time ironman and competitive cyclist who does ride through Laguna anymore because it’s too dangerous.

    RIP M13


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