Board Fails to Hear its Constituents



The Laguna Beach school board has now decided for us parents, and our children, that the students of Laguna Beach would be better served by starting school in August and having a full week off at Thanksgiving, just like they mistakenly assumed that parents and students would embrace the social host ordinance.

What bothers me most as a parent in this great community is that our school board continues to make decisions without any regard as to the opinions, or input of the people they are supposed to represent.

These arbitrary decisions of theirs have a great effect on each and every family whose children go to school in Laguna Beach.

The school board members need to realize that many of Laguna Beach’s students work at business establishments during the summer: lifeguarding, working at the Pageant of the Masters (which ends Aug. 31) and the Sawdust Festival (ending Sept. 1.)

I am still wondering what is the worst of two scenarios: having my great kid quit her summer job because the school board feels this new calendar is best for her or having to spend an even longer time with my in-laws at Thanksgiving?


Sue Huston

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