Bus Depot’s Denizens Lack Civility



(This letter was also addressed to council members.)

Please, please, please make my bus ride a totally pleasant experience.

I’d like to inform you of the unsafe, filthy conditions at the Laguna Beach bus transfer station, located between Broadway and Ocean Avenue.

I am subjected to loud, filthy language on all occasions when I catch the bus home. Smokers, drunks and what have you hanging out in the designated area for bus riders, leaving no comfortable sitting space for bus riders.

Travelers, older adults, students as well as small children are being subjected to disrespectful persons, held captive as it were just waiting for the bus home or wherever.

Waiting for a bus at the Laguna Beach bus transfer station is less than a pleasant affair. Laguna needs to be serious in their efforts to address this unsafe situation.

Check it out for yourself.


Loraine Hollingsworth, Laguna Beach

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