A Call to Halt Development



Proponents of Irvine’s Heritage Fields development have the audacity to claim that Laguna Beach is beyond their environmental impact zone (“Laguna Protests More Irvine Homes,” Aug. 17 edition). They say their residents can choose to use the facilities of Irvine’s Great Park over the coves and beaches of Laguna.

Don’t feed me that line. We are in their environmental impact zone because our environment is already impacted big time by their continuing approval of multi family and single-family developments along and adjoining the 133 corridor. It’s their urban run off through our canyons to our beaches! It’s their commuters aggravating or daily traffic problems!

We have successfully fought the routing of the Coastal Freeway that would have bisected our town, ruining it. We beat back El Toro as an international airport. We have preserved our surrounding hills from development. Now it’s a battle over the environmental consequences of excessive development around us that may do us in.

Which will it be? Heritage Fields with 5,000 or 10,000 new homes and even more development as planned by our neighboring city or Laguna’s heritage? There is no place like Laguna Beach so let’s fight to preserve what is left of it before it is gone forever.


Don Knapp, Laguna Beach

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