Caltrans Schedule Favors Business, Ignores Residents



What a treat to learn that Caltrans would be doing overnight work during Christmas week! Imagine the paychecks that must generate when four people stand around one traffic cone while one worker completes a task! 

I so look forward to more lights, noise and work outside during the published hours of 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., too! I don’t think any of our boutiques sell large blackout curtains that I can run out and buy today, but that’s okay. I most likely couldn’t afford to buy them in Laguna Beach anyway. And I have to wonder, will the churches, in good conscience, be able to play “Silent Night” on Christmas?

If there’s one thing the Caltrans project has clearly demonstrated, it’s that city officials care nothing about residents, only about merchants.

I have nothing against any business trying to make ends meet. We all have to work toward that goal. But the scales have tipped too far. When I complain about noisy night work that shakes my house, I get the platitude “sorry for the inconvenience.” When a business 100 feet from my door complains, they get the work schedule changed. Think about that when the next election comes around.

Sandi Cain, Laguna Beach

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