Candidate Distances Himself From Village Laguna’s Endorsement



Recently, yard signs have appeared throughout the city pairing my name with the name of another candidate. These signs make it seem as though we are running as a team. They are inaccurate and misleading.

Placement of these signs was neither authorized nor encouraged by me or my campaign.   They are not consistent with my determination to run as an independent, non-partisan candidate. I have asked Village Laguna to remove them out of respect for both candidates and in the interest of providing accurate information about my candidacy to Laguna Beach voters. However, Village Laguna is an independent political organization and I cannot control what they choose to do.

I appreciate the time and thought that any organization commits to evaluating my candidacy and understand the role they play in educating their constituencies; however, the support of my candidacy by any organization only implies that they endorse what I stand for, not the other way around.

I remain deeply committed to serving Laguna Beach in a transparent and inclusive manner. I have always been a political independent and am not running as part of any coalition or in coordination with any other candidate or group.

Before I cast a vote, I promise I will gather as many facts as possible and listen to all sides before acting in the best interest of all of our residents. That’s how I’ve acted for the past 13 years as a Planning Commissioner and that’s how I will continue to act on City Council. I look forward to working collegially and productively for the residents of Laguna Beach with all of my potential fellow Council members.

Robert Zur Schmiede, Laguna Beach

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