Candidate’s Absence of Involvement Raises Skepticism



I attended the school board candidates forum last week and came away with some real concerns.

Two candidates, Ketta Brown, incumbent, and Carol Normandin were very well prepared and it was obvious that they knew their subject — the well being of our public schools here in Laguna Beach. They were thorough, well informed and articulate. They both seem to be exceptionally well qualified to carry out the work of the school board.

My concern is with Annette Gibson. She doesn’t even think well enough of our public school system to enroll her three children, yet she wants to manage our students.

Why does she think that we need her on this local school board when her children are being educated in another Orange County city? I couldn’t help but wonder what her hidden agenda is. She wants to be on our school board, but has attended only one meeting in the last two years. Most disturbing, perhaps, is that she wants to do away with Common Core, a state-mandated set of standards that the district must implement by law.

I have not had a student in the Laguna Beach Unified School system for many years now, but I think it’s imperative that we all take note of what is happening with this election and specifically who serves on our school board to best represent the welfare of the children still in the system.

These kids are our leaders of tomorrow so we all have a vested interest. Please vote thoughtfully.

Trudy Josephson, Laguna Beach


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