Can’t Support an Uninformed Candidate



I read with interest the results of the forum for candidates for City Council reported in the Independent. I was disappointed to read that candidate Michele Hall felt humans aren’t having an affect on climate change. She indicated she is taking this position after reading an article on the topic.

It’s clear that enormous changes in earth’s climate have occurred since the last ice age (occurring only 20-30, 00 yeas ago). I should point out that 97% of earth scientists support the findings that human activity is adding to the process of natural climate change.

I feel to be a viable candidate for Laguna Beach City Council, Ms. Hall should be well informed on this important issue. I suggest that she read more broadly and a good start is to go to the website for the National Academy of Sciences/ climate change and read articles on climate change. The academy is apolitical and composed of some of our finest scientists. There you will get an unbiased presentation and review of the evidence for the role of human activity in climate change. Then you can make up your mind.

Climate change is not a political issue but an important issue for human survival. I cannot not support an individual who does not have an informed mind on this important pro

Gale “Morrie” Granger, PhD. , Laguna Beach

The author is a professor emeritus of UC Irvine’s departments molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology.

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