Who Changed the Parking-Sticker Grace Period?



Okay, who ordered the targeting of Laguna Beach residents’ parking stickers?

For as long as the parking sticker has been available, the grace period to renew has been the month following the expiration, right? Well, I got a ticket for expired meter on Monday, Aug. 26. I went to the Police Department and asked, politely, why I got a ticket. The police officer at the window said, “we were told to do it.” I asked by whom. She pointed towards City Hall and said “they did.” I asked who, and she said “the City Council.” I said, “we always have a grace period.” She said, “they changed it to two weeks.”

Well, I never got a notice or read about it. I would like to know whose bright idea it was and which member’s supported it.

Didn’t the city just make a bundle off the tourist season? Why would they further aggravate us locals after just dealing with the tourists all summer. Well, I hope to find out which members supported the targeting of known locals just to make a few more bucks. They will not be getting any support from this ol’ local.

Mark Miller, Laguna Beach

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