Two Cheers for Hedden



We have lived in Laguna Beach for many years and particularly love reading the Indy History Pages. Andy Hedden’s article in last week’s issue, “A Little off the Top,” (Limelight, Feb. 17) was fun and infromative.


Rudy Campos and the other barbers and barbershops may have moved around, but the memories remain. Andy’s first-person accounts of growing up in Laguna Beach are always, warm, thoughtful, and humorous. Keep them coming.


Jim and Jan Hall,

Laguna Beach

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  1. Cute article … As Wally’s daughter, I wish someone would’ve interviewed me! I’m trying to figure out if my dad was the one referred to as “the old dude,” LOL. A couple things about my dad – he worked until he could no longer work anymore, well past retirement age. It was only his health that ultimately forced him to stop working. Another thing, he used to donate his time at nursing homes, giving the residents haircuts for free. Everyone loved my dad, and I am so honored that when he passed away, Rudy and ‘Moto’ chose to keep the name of the shop. I love Rudy. So many wonderful memories growing up and hanging out at the barbershop after school. Thanks again for the article. ~Alysia Stark


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