Clarifying Yoga in the Park Donations



First I would like to thank the Indy for their frequent mentions of my Yoga in the Park classes that are held daily at the Montage public park (Treasure Island Park). Your newspaper has been a great source for all things of interest happening in our city, and I am grateful.

Most recently your reporter, Donna Furey, referenced my classes in her excellent article titled “Finding Community on the Mat.”  I would like to clarify some of the information that was reported regarding my classes.

I have been providing Yoga in the Park for over nine years, and all of my classes are offered free as a community service. It has been important to me from the very beginning to offer classes for the love of yoga where anyone can participate and money is not an issue. Participants in my classes with a desire to “pay it forward” may drop a donation in a bowl that goes directly to The Himalayan Children’s Fund for the education of young women residing at Tara Abbey in Nepal. Donations are not required, and my guess is that close to 50 percent of the people who come out do not donate.

Most importantly, I teach only four days a week – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Another teacher leads the classes on the remaining three days. While all Yoga in the Park classes are free, only the donations made at my classes go to The Himalayan Children’s Fund. Donations made at the classes taught by other teachers remain with them as compensation for their time and energy. I post a sign at all of my classes that clearly states what happens with donations.

Again, many thanks for the Indy’s support of our community resources.  It has been my great pleasure to make yoga available to anyone in Laguna Beach.

Carl Brown, Laguna Beach

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