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I totally agree with David Vanderveen (“Occupy Laguna,” Local Currents, Nov. 11). It’s really hard to feel the pain of protesters in New York when you’re living in Smugsville-by-the-Sea. Everything is so perfect here: the weather’s wonderful, the town is charming, the homeless have been swept out of sight. Why, there’s nothing to worry about. Those lazy layabouts just need to go and get jobs and stop living off the rest of us.


I have a suggestion for Mr. Vanderveen. I’m planning to ride my bike from Laguna to Irvine City Hall, where the encampment is. It’s 14 miles or about  an hour and 20 minutes, according to Google.  I’m also planning to join them and camp the night. I intend to talk with them and find out their grievances and what they think should be done.


Perhaps Mr. Vanderveen would care to join me? Maybe he could hire some of them for his “energy drink” company, or even better, teach them how to become “energy drink entrepreneurs,” like him.


Charles Alban, Laguna Beach

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  1. Charles, I’d be happy to join you. Sounds a lot more smug than traveling to Honduras to work on real poverty issues. Shoot me an email.


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