Completing Streets Effectively?



The Task Force for Complete Streets met with city officials monthly since 2008 (four years). In that time the task force offered 98 interventions for street improvement; the city acted on only two.

To propose a traffic-calming project on the grand scale of Glenneyre bike-lanes and roundabouts coincident with the local election period served to get two left-wingnuts re-elected. It didn’t work.

Furthermore, to spend nearly $10,000 for three design alternatives from an urban design firm prior to preparing traffic measurement data is putting the cart before the horse. Without having traffic measurements for each mode of travel (walking, cycling, busing and motor-vehicles), the design firm cannot make an educated assessment of current conditions nor offer effective real solutions for traffic calming measures on Glenneyre or anywhere else.

If city officials were paying attention the last four years, they would know better and Laguna residents would be better served by city government.


Les G. Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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