Cop’s Beat Includes Kindness


The other day I was on my way to the store when I approached an intersection. As I turned my signal on to turn left, I looked to my right and saw a police car parked behind one of those electric carts used for driving around town. Then, I saw the police officer talking to the driver and I was waiting for him to begin writing a ticket for something. Was I wrong! The next moment the driver started to push the cart across the intersection and the police officer joined in to help push the cart. They both pushed while the officer waived at the traffic to stop. Then the officer helped the driver park the cart in the Ralph’s parking lot and made sure it wasn’t in the way of other cars.

With all of the bad press concerning police, I am here to say I witnessed a random act of kindness by one of Laguna’s finest. Way to go!

Don Romero, Laguna Beach

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