Crackdown Leaves Kayaker Stranded Onshore



I read Micheal Ray’s column about Fisherman’s Cove. (Musings on the Coast, The Madness at Fisherman’s Cove, Oct. 16) It is a shame that a place enjoyed by so many is enjoyed by few now. I kept my kayak there and let others use it when they wanted to. It was a small way to give back to the community of Laguna, which I love. The reporter did not tell the whole story. Here is the nasty ending.

On Oct. 1, the owner of the property at 800 Cliff Drive hired guys to haul all the kayaks, SUPs and other boats to the edge of his property next to the road and put up a free sign. Over 20 kayaks, SUPs and boats were taken (stolen), including my two-man dark blue Destination ocean kayak.

I want my kayak back! I called the police and was rerouted to marine safety, who knew of the kayak removal and then to code enforcement. Tony told me there had been a sign up for three or four weeks that

the kayaks needed to be moved by Oct. 1. This is not true as I walk by there daily and there were no signs.

I spoke to a local surfer who was present when the kayaks were being hauled up and he told me they said the boats would be free as soon as they put them near the street.

He rescued some kayaks and took them to his house so he could try and find owners. One of my snorkeler friends called me at 3 p.m. about this and I went to look and my kayak was gone. At this point there were only about two kayaks left and several old boats.

I know this was private property, however it would’ve been nice to get some notice. He should not have put a “free” sign. Word would have spread as it did by the end of the day. It would have been nice if the city had let people know as well.

Now I have to search for my kayak and probably take a $650 loss, as do many others.

It is really frustrating and maddening to have something like this happen. I have lived and worked in Laguna for over 30 years. This makes it lose its small town flavor.

Brynne Van Putten, Laguna Beach


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