Criticizes Citation as Unfair



I have received a parking citation from Laguna Beach Citation Processing Center,

according to the statement of administrative review I am liable and required me to pay the amount of $43 before April 9.

I have purchase a parking permit by the ticket machine in which I sent them for proof, but instead it was denied.

I will pay it, but also I want to claim my rights.

I have copies of my citation and parking permit (ticket) that I purchased.

I feel like [I’m] being extorted legally.

There should be other drivers with the same incident.

Venancio Santos, Irvine

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  1. Dear Mr. Santos,

    Thank you for paying your parking fine. You see Laguna Beach discovered revenue from parking fines is far more lucrative than sales tax from pretzels and beer, so the city operates the town like a parking lot not an amusement park. No you won’t get a pardon, our parking fund was already raided this year and we need all the spare change to pay for our new parking lots. Until the city redeems itself, do as I do: try to visit Laguna by Trolley cycle or bus but leave the car at home. They don’t give tickets for sitting in cafe’s or at Adolpho’s yet. Go there. -Laguna Streets


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