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Just wanted to let you know that the City Council and City Manager responded

very quickly to my letter about responsibility for property issues (“Who’s Responsible for Deadbeat Property Owners?” Letters, Oct. 15.)

The code enforcement officer went to the property immediately and has filed a

code violation against the owner.  I greatly appreciate the immediate

feedback from Mayor Pearson, Council members Boyd and Iseman on this matter.

Several friends have similar situations, so now they know they can go to

city hall and get some action.


However, it should be noted that any damage

to my personal property from this problem cannot be solved by the city.  The

individual owner will have to file a civil action to get any action.  So the

yard is still filled with dates and I’m watching the palm fronds sway over

my patio-drenched with rain.  But eventually the tree must be trimmed and

the mess in the alley cleaned up. Thank you for publishing the letter and

for the city’s swift response.


Carole Zavala,

Laguna Beach

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