Is Density Everything?



If most artists can’t afford to rent, what is the criteria for getting on the list to rent the remaining 22 units not available to low income.

It’s de ja vu when an older neighborhood with a specific plan is given the status of being the last resolve for a overly dense artist live/work project. The added burden that “someone” is removing our cultural heritage along with the artists of the future is reminiscent of another specific plan canyon neighborhood accused of being anti-senior when they rejected an overly dense project for seniors.

Noise “density” concentrated by 30 artists using industrial tools will echo back into the neighborhood. Flood mitigation in this high flood prone area is questionable considering the project’s density and it absolutely needs an E.I.R.

This project is too condensed for the area. Consider how a 30-unit apartment rarely houses only 30 residents and cars. A maximum 10 units would be in keeping with the surrounding neighborhood specific plan.

Sharon Risley, Laguna Beach

The author is a 67 year resident, artist and teacher.


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